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Dedicated to live, interactive, music, and film events.

Our experience has earned us the respect of the industry and award recognition, such as over 30 nominations to Best of Austin.

Luis Zapata


Luis was born in Lima, Peru. He earned his bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. Having worked in the music industry since 1994, Luis spent time at record labels – ranging from blues to metal – working with seminal artists, from Grey Ghost to Metallica. He introduced Rock en Español to Central Texas, creating the Latino Rock Alliance. His deep roots extend into all parts of the music and event production industry.

Currently his interest focuses on integrating all aspects of modern technology into each event with a passion for realizing his goals of creating a more sustainable world through SEM’s green productions.

Luis supports scholarships and the Luis Zapata Collection at UT Libraries.

John Ballejo

John Ballejo

Production Manager

John is an artist first and foremost, he puts everything in his creativity and the world is absolutely blessed to experience anything he works on. A true renaissance soul, seamlessly blends the worlds of corporate excellence and artistic brilliance. As an integral member of our team at SEL, he brings a unique and creative perspective to the workplace that invigorates our projects and elevates our brand. Beyond the boardroom, John is a prolific artist and musician, captivating audiences with his evocative creations that transcend boundaries and resonate deeply with all who encounter them.

With a canvas or musical instrument in one hand and a laptop in the other, John is the embodiment of the modern creative professional, continually proving that artistry and corporate success can harmoniously coexist. His exceptional talents have not only enriched our work environment but also inspired us to embrace creativity as an essential element of our corporate culture. We are truly fortunate to have John as a cherished member of our team, as his artistic and musical contributions have helped us reimagine our brand and achieve new heights of innovation and engagement.

Eliana Rios

Marketing & Business Coordinator

Eliana is an experienced executive in commercial and marketing areas in Latin America and the USA. She has a background in Business Administration, and a dual MS Marketing (Esan, Peru) / MS in Marketing Intelligence (ESIC, Spain). Eliana has forged various ideas for projects related to industrial marketing such as CRM program implementation, customer loyalty, and lead generation at their previous workplaces. As an independent consultant, Eliana has implemented successful marketing plans focused in inbound marketing and social media for peruvian companies.

John Ballejo

Director of Digital Communications

John has been with us for a couple years and is an essential key player of the team. John contructs visual media for our presentations and online material. On top of this John is a master video and audio producer, he makes Special Events Live media look and sound glorious. His hard work knows no limit and his ideas never cease to amaze us.

Alex Goff

Graphic Designer

Alex Goff is a rock musician that majored in Music Business at Austin Community College and has since been working for Special Events Live taking pictures for events, managing this website, and editing social media presence regularly.