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We produce events that take over entire streets to events that take over your entire screen.

With us at the helm of your event, we assure a production that will have people talking about it long after the last stage tear-down. ​We are also an engine of economic growth, with an estimated impact of 43 million dollars pumped into Austin’s economy.

Take a look at some of our portfolio, and then contact us so your event can be added as our next premiere production.

Pecan Street Festival
(Austin, Texas)

The Pecan Street Festival—the largest (400,000 attendees a year) Central Texas street festival—has become a spring and fall tradition by remaining true to its roots while always reflecting the current interests of the city’s unique citizens.
Now in our 43rd year of the Pecan Street Festival with 42 spring fests and 39 fall fests PLUS our online Pecan Fest Wired substitution for our 2020 Spring fest.
We plan on bringing Texans our 82nd (81st IRL) festival to date on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 19th & 20th, 2020.

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Rock Lectures

This website traces the history of LatinX in rock music since the early 1900's, looking at key artists, songs, sounds and albums that shaped Latin American rock in context with social and political environments.
Learn about the influence of rock as an art form for rebellious Latin American youth and the influence of native Latin American music in Western rock.

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HCG Independence Day
(Bee Cave, Texas)

Located in Bee Cave, Texas, the Hill Country Galleria Festival was an event you didn’t want to miss.
Occurring on July 4, 2019, the Hill Country Galleria Independence Day Festival celebrates the Fourth of July. This festival included live music, fireworks, children’s rides, healthy food, high-end customers, and over 150 exclusive booth spaces reserved for sponsors and vendors. The attendance was 30,000 people.
Event took place at highest income zip code in Texas.

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Smart Kids
(Every Smart School & Home)

Skills for Life.

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Meet & Greet
(In your computer - Worldwide)

Hang out with your favorite artist.
High Tech Interactive.

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Solstice Festival

Solstice Austin is an annual event taking place in Austin, Texas on June 21st – the summer solstice. It is organized by Special Events Live (the producers Pecan Street Festival), and Solstice (the tech startup based in Austin that powers the worldwide celebration of music). This same spirit of festival takes place in over 800 cities around the world on the same day.
Solstice Austin is very different than a typical festival… it’s a community celebration, put on and performed by you! Anyone can sign up to be a venue, and anyone can sign up to be an artist- and all of the scheduling and logistics are handled on the tech platform, by the participants! Artists can browse venues based on preferences like time availability, location, and genre, and venues can do the same to find great musicians to host.

Lovestream festival

Lovestream is designed to provide local and virtual attendees immersion into a rich tapestry of international music, foods, arts and cutting-edge technological wonderment. The festival is conceived as an exciting environment designed to stimulate the senses and celebrate human diversity.
Lovestream connects several artistic shows in different points around the World. Each of these interconnected locations in the planet are considered CHAKRAs -energy centers- and as such they are generators of spiritual energy through different artistic expressions.
The Festival takes place September at Pan Am Park (3rd & Chicon St., Austin, Texas)

Accordion Kings & Queens

We took on Texas Folklife’s Accordion Kings and Queens six years ago when it was yielding a smaller, but still intimate, crowd. Miller Park administration now estimates current attendance at over 6,000 people.

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Rock Rose Arts Festival
(Houston, Texas)

Rock Rose Art Festival at The Domain | Unique arts and crafts | great food | live music | happiness all over

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